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Welcome to the Windows 8 information center for Utica Community Schools!

UCS is using a combination of traditional laptops, touch screen laptops, touch screen desktops and tablets that are running the latest version of Windows 8 – Windows 8.1, Update 1. For simplicity, we’ll just refer to the version as Windows 8.1!

Windows 8.1 uses a new user interface that provides a common interface across traditional computers, touch-enabled computers with keyboards, and touch-first tablets. The short videos and other resources below are intended to quickly familiarize you with the changes. Let’s jump in!

Meet the new Windows – The Basics, Taskbar, Split Screen Apps

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Get around faster with the ‘Charms’ and Smart Search

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Internet Explorer 11 – Full Screen / Immersive Experience

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Here’s a good tutorial that explains and has videos about getting around in Windows 8.1 using touch, a mouse, and a keyboard.

Win8 touch


Finally, here are two videos that cover the newest features contained in the update from version 8 to 8.1



Introducing the Windows 8.1 Update